A silversmith's diary

A silversmith's diary

jeudi 20 avril 2017

A medieval inspired wedding ring

I remember one summer when we were heading to the south of France for holidays. My dad had decided to make a break and visit an old fortified medieval castle. The tower, the drawbridge, the big stone blocks had really struck me. I was maybe 8 or 9 years old. I think this attraction I have towards the medieval period must have taken roots at this very moment.


I like to watch sculptures and admire the stone work. I like to see the detailed and refined illuminations as if the paper was embroidered with colors and golden details. It was a time when there were few tools and where you had to use your intelligence to get the best of them, in order to carve in hard surfaces and have such beautiful spirals.

This is for all these reasons that I chose to work with medieval inspiration in my creations. I hope to be able to add more items in our catalog with this style in the long run. I am happily surprised to see that my personal taste is shared by other persons who contact us in order to have the Sincere Commitment ring personalized with their initials. This ring gathers two engraved illuminated initials on the sterling silver band.


I also realized that people who would choose this ring did not want to have a traditional wedding ring. They did not want a diamond ring, or a ring without any meaning. They wanted this ring to show their character, their passion (maybe for the medieval spirit), the fact that they did not want to have a common ring. They wanted a jewel that would talk about a personal emotion.

When you decide to get married, it is so important to get a ring that will match with who you are. Maybe one day, your children will ask you when they will be old enough why you decided to get married with this special ring and not with a more traditional one. You will be able to tell them the story behind the ring.

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